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For businesses at varying stages of development, from early stage start-ups to mature businesses.


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Cuts through the jargon, providing practical, actionable steps which you can immediately implement in your business, to boost growth and smash your business goals.

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VISSA™️ Business Growth Programme

The VISSA™ framework has been effective in helping businesses at varying stages, to achieve growth. From early stage start-ups, to scale ups, to mature
businesses, we have evidence that the framework is impactful.

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Overcome Small Business Failure.

Around twenty percent of small businesses fail within their first year of trading. Thirty percent will fail by the end of their second year and a further half, a massive fifty percent of small businesses will have failed by the end their fifth year.

Solving this challenge presents a range of significant societal benefits. If more businesses are able to start, sustain, grow and scale, it can create positive benefits which include:

Contributing to economic growth

Creating additional employment opportunities

Encouraging inward investment

Boosting innovation and productivity

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